Networks are not just for large corporations. With the advent of Microsoft XP networks appeared in the home environment as well as small office environment and allowed the sharing of resources across many PC/Laptop workstations. The colour printer/scanner can now be shared by all computers in the home/office and with many memories now digital (photos, movies etc) shared backup/archive disk drives are coming in to their own. That said small businesses are increasingly looking at Cloud solutions to replace their aging servers

Home peer to peer networks
These are the simplest networks available but can provide great convienience when it comes to printing, scanning and backup. A single colour printer/scanner wired or wireless can be available to all PCs/Laptops in the house and everyone can backup their photos and documents to a network harddrive. If you have broadband then you probably have a router and that's all you should need

Home office and small office networks
The standard Microsoft peer to peer network setup can accomodate around ten simultaneous connections. Normally Office networks will require a higher standard of network performance to accommodate this. Several PCs all trying to use the network at once will be felt by users if left to standard hardware. It is also wise to consider a more robust backup/archive solution networked into all PCs or junk it all and consider Cloud options

Server based networks and the Cloud
Networks beyond ten PCs/laptops/Printers require a dedicated server or Cloud solution. Servers come in either Microsoft or Linux flavours and the Cloud (if appropriate for your needs) requires neither. This is too big an area to summarise here so call Cavalry to discuss your requirements or just to ask for advice

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