Managed Services

The term 'Managed Services' encompasses a bewildering array of computer services to home and office based businesses. Cavalry attempts to keep it simple. Services range from general system inspection, upgrades, software updates, patches and security assessment through to backup solutions (backup or archive, there is a difference), disaster recovery and business continuity planning

General Managed Services
Our most popular service. As a home user Cavalry recommends a yearly check. As a business user Cavalry recommends a bi-annual or quarterly check depending on number of units. This service covers hardware assessment, operating system updates, program updates, security patches and a complete virus and malware sweep. The check also includes recommendations for adapting the system to the changing needs of the business. And a chat to see what you want to do

Home Backup Systems
'We have our photos on an external drive'. Firstly, excellent. Secondly, are they still on your computer? If they are then you have a backup (at least two copies), if not then you have no protection at all. If that hard drive fails everything can go with it and all the memories. When was the last time you used film? There are simple effective solutions. Call Cavalry

Business Backup and Archive Solutions
With almost everything now digital a business faces two fundamental issues regarding it's information. When to backup and when to archive. Consider this - if you have a copy of a file on a physically seperate drive, then you have a backup. You can restore the file. If you copy that file onto the drive for safe keeping and delete it from your computer you have no backup if that drive fails... If you copy it to a RAID array storage device you have a 'digital archive'. Call for a chat

Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity
Cavalry has the experience to create economical, robust and appropriately scaled disaster recovery plans for local businesses. However, disaster recovery is quite useless in most cases if you can't continue business. So what computer business continuity do you have in place? email? web access? It is an important part of the planning.

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