Business IT Support

Cavalry can offer varied levels of support for the home business and small business environment from 'fix when broke' to regular managed services. Within this Cavalry comes with the expertise to fix systems that no longer perform as they should, look after networks, recover business critical data from virus attack or system failure and create plans for ongoing business support and business continuity

Systems running slow
When was the last time your systems were given a thorough clean out? Yes, like anything else, computers become bogged down with updates and software which were critcal once but not anymore. Cavalry can Look under the 'hood' of your equipment and recommend either replacement or a clean saving you money from unnecessary purchases.

Lost business critical files from a system crash or virus attack
Cavalry provides a complete end to end data recovery service. If your business has experienced data loss then call Cavalry immediately and you'll receive a complete explanation of what to do next. Click data recovery to find out more

Managed Support Services and maintenance
Cavalry provide regular maintenance services for those home and small businesses that require it including networks. Going inside the service checks all systems for suitability against current demand and updates all protection, system and application processes. Call to discuss your needs

Virus infection and system crash recovery
Cavalry are experienced in recovering systems that have been damaged from system crash or virus attack. Recovering a system comes second after data but if we can eradicate the virus and recover the working system then we will

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