Slow or Crashing Computers

Computer systems are continually updated throughout their lives and whilst most updates are important at the time they can soon become irrelevant. Added to this they are under continual assult from malware and spyware and it is of little surprise their performance can eventually suffer. Cavalry has the experience to bring your equipment back to tip top performance

Computer running really slow or always crashing? Think you may have a virus?
It's not necessarily old equipment. Viruses, Spyware and misconfigured processes will dramatically slow a computer and cause weird behaviour including very slow internet and email. Cavalry has the experience to bring your equipment back into tip top condition

Clean It, Don't Bin It!
When was the last time your systems were given a thorough clean out? Yes, like anything else, computers become bogged down with updates and software which were critcal once but not anymore. Cavalry can Look under the 'hood' of your equipment and recommend either replacement or a clean saving you money from unnecessary purchases.

Prevention is better than cure! - Managed Services
Our most popular service. As a home user Cavalry recommends a yearly check. As a business user Cavalry recommends a bi-annual or quarterly check depending on number of units. This service covers hardware assessment, operating system updates, program updates, security patches and a complete virus and malware sweep. The check also includes recommendations for adapting the system to the changing needs of the business. And a chat to see what you want to do

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