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There is an idea out there that computers were designed to make our lives easier and someone went further to suggest may be fun. In fact there's evidence to suggest that people may have even tried. But life has a different view and if you are, right now, having a 'real life experience' with your computer system or have finally decided enough is enough then we're on your side. just click below or call the Cavalry


Home Computer Support

If you have suddenly lost documents or family photos, if your computer is at the point of stopping, if you are always getting kicked off the internet or can't even get on then call me

Business Computer Support

If you are looking for a cost effective solution for your company then Cavalry Computers maybe the answer. My clients have engaged me to provide managed services looking after their equipment, develop business continuity programmes, disaster recovery plans, backup solutions and recover business critical systems and documents that have been lost from virus attack or system failure. Call me to talk it through

PC and Laptop Backup Plan - The Cryptolocker virus is horrible and destroys your data

The link here is a simple way to look after your files. It's about £3 ($5) a month and is quick and simple to setup. There is no storage limit for everyday home use and it will at least give you a backup against this very efficient and nasty virus

Backup for your PC and Laptop


Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security EN

Total Internet Protection for your family


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Crypto Locker Virus

Halt Police Virus

Microsoft Phone Scams continue

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