Despite the best efforts of antivirus software most computers will have a few minor benign viruses that have slipped through the net and with regular maintenance these are easily managed. However there are some more malicious versions that can cause unwanted behaviour, system crashes and data loss. This can mean systems no longer function leaving yourself or your company at a standstill

Virus attack

There are a number of ways a virus can reveal itself. The classic 'XP 2011 Antivirus has detected...' screen that pops up are obvious but a system suddenly on go-slow or simply crashing can also be a telling sign. If this is you call Cavalry for removal

Virus removal and system recovery

Cavalry provides a complete end to end virus recovery service. If you or your business has experienced a sudden data loss or you think you may have had a virus attack then call Cavalry immediately and you'll receive a complete explanation of what to do next

Beyond antivirus software

Sometimes a new virus appears that has not yet reached the main antivirus software vendors. This can leave you with an unusable system while they analyse, create a cure (signature) and distribute the update which may take a few weeks. These are called 'zero day' viruses. If critical then Cavalry offers an extensive recovery process involving system process analysis for such a time. If you can't wait for them then call Cavalry

Prevention is better than cure! - Managed Services

Managed services offer some simple steps to at least plan for the worst effects of a virus attack. As a home user Cavalry recommends a yearly check of equipment. As a business user Cavalry recommends a bi-annual or quarterly check depending on number of units. This service covers hardware assessment, operating system updates, program updates, security patches and a complete virus and malware sweep. Call Cavalry to arrange an appointment

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